arrow The SonicJam 1.0 Team

Ed Brennan, CEO

Ed Brennan is the Founder, Chairman and CEO of SonicJam, Inc. SonicJam utilizes proprietary algorithms to analyze music and separate out specific content. In partnering with five prominent cognition labs (four professors who run their labs are signed advisers to SonicJam), SonicJam is able to stay on the leading edge of this exciting rapidly growing field. Ed is also an adviser to several stealth companies. Ed was an early and key contributor at NexTag, the world’s largest comparison shopping company. In September of 2002, Ed joined Placeware, and subsequently led the due diligence process in integrating the company into Microsoft. In June 1998, Ed joined Adobe systems where he worked closely with the CFO to drastically cut costs ($100M Op Ex yr. over yr.) and increase the stock price 13X over a two year period. Upon his arrival, the company had a market cap less than $1B and was the target of a hostile takeover bid (you could have bought the company with the cash on its own balance sheet).

Dr. Carl Deller, CTO

Dr. Dellar is a very experienced technologist who has worked at several successful companies in Silicon Valley. Carl is a highly technical engineering executive with extensive experience and track record recruiting and building teams that design, build, and deliver successful software (internet technology based e-commerce, product search, and enterprise asset management) products. Experienced working closely with CEO's & VP's of Marketing from product inception and definition, through engineering organization development, product architecture, design, shipment and revision. Carl and I got connected through a recruiter, but as it turned out we had a common friend of interest we both hold in very high regard. Carl came to this project with the highest recommendation possible, and to date has been instrumental in moving the project forward. I have found Carl to be smart, diligent, and completely unassuming. He is a joy to work with.

Dr. Yu Shiu, Ph.D., Audio / Music Signal Processing Expert

Dr. Shiu was recommended to us by Dr. Elaine Chew (profiled above). Dr. Shiu received BS and MS from Electrical Engineering Department in National Taiwan University in 1996 and 1998, respectively. After getting another MS specializing in speech signal processing from UCLA in 2002, he joined Professor Kuo's multimedia communication lab in USC. His research interests include musical information retrieval, content-based audio/video signal segmentation, musical beat tracking, video indexing via audio features and audio source separation. He is a frequent concert-goer for diverse music genres in his leisure time and infatuated with fantasy sports activities. I have found Dr. Shiu during our time together to be an extremely knowledgeable, diligent, and articulate person to work with.

Arthur Koch, 2D/3D Digital Artist, Instructor, Photographer

Arthur and I got connected late last year, and I was immediately intrigued with his diverse background. Arthur excels at 3D modeling, animation, texture mapping, lighting, rendering, FX, UI design, video editing, compositing. He has additional experience in illustration, photography, graphic design. I have asked Arthur to be responsible for the overall look and feel of SonicJam. His exceptional background of achievement at some of the best known design studios is really impressive. I have found Arthur to be thoughtful, very knowledgeable, and a very gifted artist. We are very fortunate to have his services.

Marty Hirsch, Software Engineer

Marty won a NASA Commendation for contributing to the success of Voyager in 1981, and won the World Microcomputer Chess Championship in 1995. As Chief Technical Officer for the World Chess Network, he developed one of the world's most user-friendly Internet chess locations. He assembled the content management system for the United States Chess Federation ( and engineered the web applications at Marty has articles in Mathematics Magazine and Advances in Computer Games 9, and he was cited in Scientific American's Mathematical Circus. Marty has a B.S. in Applied Mathematics from CSUN. He has designed and developed software products for the aerospace, aviation, security, entertainment and education industries.

arrow Advisers

Dr. DeLiang Wang, Professor, Ohio St. University

Director of OSU Perceptions and Neurodynamics Lab

Dr. Wang has written, experimented and taught extensively on the topics of sound recognition and sound separation. Some of his white papers were seminal in my early thinking about SonicJam. He works within the framework of the Department of Computer Science and Engineering (CSE) and the Center for Cognitive Science at The Ohio State University (OSU). He is also a faculty member of the OSU Laboratory for AI Research (LAIR) and a participating faculty member of the Biomedical Engineering Department and the Biophysics Program. If you get some spare time, check out some of his publications on sound separation. Extremely interesting stuff.

Dr. Elaine Chew, Associate Professor, University of Southern California

USC Andrew and Erna Viterbi School of Engineering, Daniel J. Epstein Department of Industrial and Systems Engineering, Ming Hsieh Department of Electrical Engineering (joint appointment), Integrated Media Systems Center

Dr. Chew's publications were also seminal in my early thinking about SonicJam. She is a prolific talent covering many disciplines, but her work on the computational modeling of music and its performance is particularly relevant to SonicJam. Dr. Chew was the person who recommended Dr. Shiu (giving him an outstanding referral) to aid the coding of our algorithms (more about Dr. Shiu below). She founded and heads of the Music Computation and Cognition (MuCoaCo) Laboratory at USC, where she conducts and directs research on music and computing. She received the NSF Career/PECASE Awards for her research and education activities at the intersection of music and engineering. Prof. Chew is on the founding editorial boards of the Journal of Mathematics and Music, Journal of Music and Meaning, and ACM Computers in Entertainment. She has organized special issues and workshops on music and computing, and frequently serves on program and technical committees of music and computing conferences. She was the first honoree of the Viterbi Early Career Chair, and served as Research Area Director of IMSC. I could go on forever about her achievements, but I think you get the idea: she is extremely smart and talented.

Dr. Masataka Goto, Professor, University of Tsukuba, Ibaraki, Japan

Department of Intelligent Interaction Technologies, Graduate School of Systems and Information Engineering, Information Technology Research Institute (ITRI) at the National Institute of Advanced Industrial Science and Technology (AIST)

When I first started researching the sound separation problem that became the technology core of SonicJam, I came across Professor Goto’s name repeatedly. His work on sound separation for percussion instruments was extremely cutting edge stuff. Aside from being a prolific publisher and world renowned expert in this field, Professor Goto also co-chairs the ISMIR conference, held in Kyoto, Japan. This conference accepts white papers that describe various methodologies in the area of music search. I could go on forever about Professor Goto’s achievements, but I think his 24 awards cover the breadth of his genius quite nicely:

Dr. Kyogu Lee, Professor, Seoul National University, Seoul, Korea

Digital Information Convergence program in the Graduate School of Convergence Science and Technology

Ph.D. Computer-based Music Theory and Acoustics, CCRMA Lab, Stanford University

Kyogu was most recently Principal Scientist at Gracenote. Kyogu brings a wealth of experience to the SonicJam team, especially around music information retrieval, machine learning methods for music applications, computational models of music, perception/cognition, computational auditory scene analysis, and digital audio signal processing. Kyogu and Greg did some work together at Stanford, and make an excellent team in working together on complex technology issues. Kyogu’s previous work around chord transcription and key extraction is really fascinating stuff. Kyogu will continue to be a great value add to the SonicJam effort.